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Tronxy X5S X/Y belt alignment help

I'm having trouble keeping the X and Y belts (especially X) at the same height across all the pulleys. The X belt drifts upwards as the gantry moves toward Y 0, and downward as it moves Y positive. This causes the top of the belt to rub against the top washer of the right (same side as the X stepper) idler pulley badly enough to twist it and make a noise as the teeth go over the edge of washer one by one. The Y belt does the opposite, it rubs against the bottom washer of the left idler pulley when moving Y positive but, not as badly as the X belt. This is independent of where the gantry is located, it misaligns itself after a set distance moved regardless of the point the movement started.

I've compared the heights of all the pulleys and they're dead on, so it doesn't seem to be a case of a misaligned pulley pulling the belt upwards. This is my first corexy printer so I'm a bit lost, what am I doing wrong here?

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