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The Site That Shall Not Be Named

Can we get more information on this from the mods, and have a true discussion about it?

The ban on ALL links due to spam MIGHT be a valid argument, but I personally feel it’s still a stretch.

The ban on all mentions of the NAME or ABBREVIATION along with the “Discussion” having comments disabled makes me feel like something else is going on.

Could it really be above board and in the interest of protecting the sub? Yeah, that’s entirely possible, and I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the mods. But something here seems… “off”.

Full disclosure: I do post my work on “the site that shall not be named.”

My frustration is not necessarily that I can no longer share what I do in this sub. That’s something I guess I will have to live with.

The bigger issue is that a lot of talented designers can no longer get proper credit for their work, when this is already a struggle.

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