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Selling used 3D Printer (need advice)

Hi everyone,

I'm employed at a school district that has a number of Makerbot 3D printers. The motherboard inside one of the Replicator 2x's died recently, so the district was going to junk it. I offered to take it off their hands and they allowed me to do so. I am considering two options: Sell it for parts or repair it for my own use. I need some advice on what would be the best route.

If I were to repair the printer, it would mainly be used for my small printing business. I already own two other printers, making this one my third. The printer itself has an issue with the motherboard. I don't know what specifically the problem is, but the board does show lights when powered on. Other than that, everything else works on the printer as far as I'm aware.

My major concern is how much money I would have to put into this printer to replace the motherboard, which goes anywhere from $400-500 USD. Is the investment worth it? Or would I be better of selling it and putting the money towards a new printer? I can offer more information as well if necessary. I appreciate the help.

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