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Octoprint on MI424WR-GEN3I (Verizon FIOS)

It took me a bit to get it working properly without enabling octoprint to be on the default port (80) due to the terrible web interface of the remote vs local boxes. Instead of doing something logical, they use "source" and "destination" which makes it a bit confusing.

Here are my settings:

Firewall Settings -> Port Forwarding -> Create new port forwarding rule:

  • IP_address_of_octopi
  • Custom Ports -> then click on Advanced >>
  • Protocol: BOTH (TCP and UDP)
  • Source Ports: Any
  • Destination Ports: Specify -> 2018
  • Forward to Port: Specify -> 80
  • Schedule: Always
  • WAN Connection Type: All Broadband Devices

This would create the following entry:

  • Octopi (static ip address):80
  • Destination Ports: 2018; TCP Any -> 2018, UDP Any -> 2018
  • All Broadband Devices
  • Active

Would enable me to http://my_wan_ip_address:2018

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