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My H HE3D K200 thinks ‘Home’ is somewhere below the glass plate

That should correctly identify me as a total newbie who just assembled a kit from China, proceeded according to the 'Manual' and tore the socket from the wall when the printer head tried to punch through the glass plate.
I googled.
Home is supposed to be the other way.
Someone suggested turning the stepper motor cables the other way.

I'm not doing that. They are correctly mounted and can't be turned the wrong way. It's a setting somewhere. Something about Home position, but where?
I have an Arduino system and can flash new firmware if need be, but isn't this supposed to work out of the box?

Everything else looks okay.
In the Repetier control program, I have inverted X,Y and Z in the Printer Settings dialog, and now the head moves up when I press 'Up', down when I press 'Down' etc.
However, when I press 'Home' the extruder nosedives into the glass plate and tries to crash through. I pull the plug as fast as I can, and the printer still looks intact.
By the time I figure this out, all I will have left will be torn belts, bent rods, and fried electronics.
I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

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