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Looking for help with a Spiderman halloween costume/cosplay piece.

I'm entirely inexperienced with 3d printing, don't own a printer myself, and don't have any friends with a 3d printer. I'm going as Spiderman for Halloween and while I originally wasn't going to get all that into it I've gotten attached to my costume being top notch.

I see that most Spiderman cosplayers wear a face shell under their mask that looks something like this:

It seems like this should be pretty easy/cheap to 3D print (perhaps naive?), but all of the more popular online 3D printing services are giving me prices in the $150 range at the cheapest. How feasible would it be to print this at a more reasonable cost? There is a local resource that will 3D print stuff for $0.50/gram, but I'm really not sure how to estimate how much material will be required for the file I have:

I'm also not sure what etiquette generally is when looking for help with this stuff. I could probably barge into my local maker space and see if someone will help me with this, but I don't want to be "that guy" asking for a bunch of free work from people with better things to do. The answer may very well be that I need to buy a printer and learn to do this stuff myself.

Anyways, any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

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