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I found a Celtic knot generator that will let you save as an STL

I don't remember where or exactly when I found this program (it had to be soon after the release date of the Solidoodle 3), but I found this program. I thought it was cool, and stashed it away on my home folder in the 'ole linux server.

Seeing the 3d printed chain in the /r/functionalprints jogged my memory and I pulled it up.

As you can see, it's a really old piece of software, but still useful.

The help file is so old my windows 10 system can't/won't open it and I don't know who wrote it. I'm too lazy to install the legacy help file readers. Googling only gets me android apps that help you tie knots, and as I type this, I bet I can search for hits older than 5 years, but I doubt that's going to work due to broken links.

I was wondering if anybody knows who wrote it so we can link to it. I didn't pull it from some warez site or anything like that. Somebody wrote it and put a link to it.

If we can't find the author, I'll put it on a drop box so others can use it as it shouldn't be lost to time.

I know mama probably told you not to take .EXEs from strangers, but I'm an 8 year old active account and not putting viruses on here for the lolz. You could also run it in a VM if you're worried. Although, this could all be my long con.

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