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Help identifying my 3d printer? Know its an I3 based diy kit but i want to print spare parts. Also parts cooling fan on d09?

Hello all!

I bought this 3d printer kit back at the start of last year but didnt get around to putting it together till the day before yesterday.

Im guess the company that sold it had sourced a bunch parts kits from china and therefore cant actually link me any STLs for the printed bits, i posting here to ask if anyone can identify it and point me in the right direction to be able to make a set of spares.

There is only one distinguishing mark that i can see and its on the back of the Z-axis thingies and on top of the extruder, it looks like this.

Its prints an okayish PLA benchy but i want to add a blower/parts cooler to it to minimize drooping, in repetier host it reports that there is a controllable fan, from what i see it should hook into d09, tried that but the fan did not spin up when told to do so, do i need to check inside the firmware to figure this out?

More pics.

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