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Help finding some fitting models?

I am currently in the process of having a friend print some figures to replace corny meeples in my board game.

I'm really really hoping I can find just a few more models to fit into the theme!

Currently I have these models; with the low poly style I would like to stay with:

And I found this really cool dragon also:

I just deleted a bunch of stuff I just typed, because I want to keep it simple.

  • I am looking for low-poly "fying" units: like dragons, copters, birds, chimeras, etc.

  • Also could use some low poly elf-ish "ranged" archers, riders, etc. units and "melee" units like assassins or rogues for example.

Again, I'm very new to this. I would appreciate you guys helping me find these units, or even pointing me to other resources I might be able to find these models.

I only need 4 models left to choose, hoping this will put me in the right direction!

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to it.

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