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First 3D printer Benchy trouble and hot end damaging bed connector

Hi, this is my first foray into the 3d printing world and I apologize in advance for not knowing all the terminology. I've been a lurker on this sub for quite some time so it's not all completely foreign to me.

I'm using an Ender 3 Pro and PLA. I've uploaded my Cura settings to the album above.

This was my second benchy print (the first didn't make it past the first layer) and the print stopped towards the end of the print.

I did some digging on here earlier today and it seems like my first layer might be too far from the bed so i'll try leveling my bed better later tonight when i get home, but any other advice i can get is welcome,

My second problem can be seen in the last image in the album. When the benchy print first starts, it seems like the extruder goes to the home position then the bed moves forward until it hits the bed connector cable and burns a hole into it. It stays there for like 5 or more seconds, makes a super loud noise, and then moves to close to the center of the bed and starts the print. I started the dog demo print that came with the printer and it doesn't have the same behavior so I know this can't be right and i'm curious what i might be doing wrong here. Thank you!

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