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Extrder won’t stop skipping steps during print, tried EVERYTHING.

I'm totally out of ideas what this could cause so I'm reaching to you guys.

My printer got destroyed from my exploded glass desk but last weekend I've fixed everything broken.

The problem is that the Extruder won't fucking stop skipping -.- I'm using the latest genuine E3Dv6 with a bowden setup. I've laid all metal parts of my E3Dv6 in Acetone for 2 days, switched to a brand new Nozzle and even replaced the PTFE tubing. YET it still starts to skip steps randomly during print. I've even ordered a big ass stepper motor with high torque but the problem STILL exists. Just take a look at that HUGE motor: Nema 17 65 Ncm Torque

The current is at the maximum of 2.1A, any higher and the motor won't do anything. The screw to adjust the extruder is all the way out because if I tie it a little bit more the Extruder is just skipping all the time.

Here is a picture of my build:

If you guys can't help me I'm gonna smash that piece of shit with a big ass hammer I'm super mad rn.

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