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Dual color printing with Slic3r Prusa edition. Wipe into object without MMU?

Hello guys,

I already upgraded my Tevo Tornado with this dual color hot end. Hardware and firmware is set correctly.

So far I was very satisfied with Slic3r and I also really like it features like "wipe into object" or "wipe into infill". But to use wipe tower or this features, I need to have activated "Single extruder multi material" option in printers settings. And this also opens new settings which I suppose are for prusas MMU upgrade. I tried to keep there default settings and try to run print.

I also set other stuff like assigned to each model specific axtruder and also to each extruder I set reatraction length at tool change – 50mm.

It worked, but at the wipe tower extruders did some weird sounds and moves and half of area was not used to wipe hot end. I suppose, it was because it expected to work with prusas MMU upgrade. But dual color print intself worked fine, it means correct color has been extruded at correct models part. Just nozzle was completly wiped because of mentioned issues.

Is there some way how to set this Prusas special wipe features with my setup?

Thank you for every hint.

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