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An unexpected benefit I found by keeping my printer within earshot is

A while back my employer was kind enough to purchase my personal taz 5 and it resides in my work office now instead of home office. It's position is about 8ft directly behind my back and will run fir for the majority of the workday.

Last week I found myself getting up from my desk and just standing in front of my printer. All without a clear conscious thought of why. Then it happens and I realize why I'm there.

A very light, barely audible crack sound.

I look at the bed again, more closely, and realize the corner to one of the prints Im running is now lifting up.I Forgot the Brim!

My ears seem to know my taz 5 better than my eyes.

I love the new, innovative printer designs that seem to be coming out monthly and would purchase most if I could. However, you can't purchase this familiarity. It's hours of just listening. There is something very comforting about having this level of familiarity with my printer.

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