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2×4 Workbench Joints

Hello all. Last night I was laying in bed last night thinking of a woodworking workbench design I would like to build. Then it hit me that I could 3d print 2×4 joints to assemble the workbench.

After some googling this morning I have found some designs that are used to build small furniture, but nothing on the scale of a workbench. My question is do you all even think something like this would be possible?

I was thinking of something like this but not spanning the full width of the bench. The top frame would be assembled with corner pieces where the 2x4s slide into a pocket and then screwed in. For the legs I was thinking the leg would slide into another pocket that is downward facing on the corner pieces. Lastly another piece would slide over the leg and then screwed to allow stringers to be attached. Then a piece of plywood could be screwed down to the top frame.

For the price I could just buy a kit, but this seems like a good learning opportunity.

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