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February 8th, 2019

20 Romantic Things to 3D Print for Valentine’s Day -by

If you’ve neglected to remember the fact that it is soon to be Valentine’s day; don’t fret as there is still time to whip up something on your 3D printer which should suffice as a gift. Below are some of the most romantic prints for you to choose from which are free to download and print, but perhaps don’t tell …Continue reading →

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University of Wollongong researchers use 3D printed visual aid to combat antibiotic resistance

University of Wollongong (UOW) researchers created a piece of molecular “velcro” to stick a light probe to a protein with the help of a 3D printed visual aid. via,

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Stefan at CNC Kitchen experimenting with Smart Infill for stronger 3D prints

In November of last year, Father of RepRap Dr. Adrian Bowyer demonstrated how hollow tubes could make 3D prints stronger. via,

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Spaceflight company Orbex reveals new Prime rocket with 3D printed engine

Orbex, a startup which plans to develop and launch UK' s first rocket has opened its headquarters in Forres, Moray. via,

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Archeologen onthullen geslacht van gecremeerde reste

Archeologen onthullen geslacht van gecremeerde reste Daan Couwenbergh 8 februari 2019 Het is archeologen gelukt om het geslacht van gecremeerde mensen uit de oudheid te bepalen. Met behulp van ouderwets graafwerk en statistiek konden de archeologen bepaalde kenmerken vaststellen in botresten uit crematiegraven en op basis daarvan vaststellen welk geslacht de overledene had. Mannelijke of vrouwelijke resten? Voor archeologen is …Continue reading →


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Xerox enters metal 3D printing with acquisition of Vader Systems

Iconic printer and photocopier manufacturer Xerox announced during its 2019 Investor Day that it has acquired Vader Systems, a Getzville, New York-based metal Additive Manufacturing company. via,

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