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March 10th, 2018

Top 3D printing stories of the week: BCN3D Sigmax, 3D-Hybrid, new gallium alloy, women’s day, more

March is shaping up to be a busy month in the 3D printing industry. This week we’ve seen new additive manufacturing materials, open source 3D printers, a charity stunt featuring a 3D printed arm, and more. Check out some of this week’s top stories. via,

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Nerf-shooting 3D printed arm might be strangest prosthesis ever

European engineering collective Hackerloop has built a 3D printed prosthetic Nerf gun that fires projectiles in response to the user’s muscle contractions. The modified Swarmfire Nerf uses EMG sensors and 3D printed parts. via,

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Waarom is professionele meetapparatuur zo duur? (zie

Soms heb je een meetapparaat nodig om… ja, dingen te meten. Zo moesten wij even wat kabels doormeten in de meterkast en waren er meerdere keuzes. De ene apparaat was 30 euro, de andere 300 euro. Wat is dan precies het verschil? En wanneer heb je een duurdere ampèretang nodig? Samen met Laudicia, gingen we op onderzoek uit! Het bericht …Continue reading →

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