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Modeling Joints – Ball and Socket Options

I'm working on a model spider tank. It's the one from Ghost in the shell. Right now, I am planning to use ball and socket joints but these typically get weaker over time and eventually just flop around and fail. For these joints, I usually add some superglue to roughen up the surface and they hold better but these are …Continue reading →


The Free Universal Construction Kit

For anyone interested in 3D printing interconnects for various construction toys (LEGO, Lincoln Logs, K'Nex, etc.) submitted by /u/alienfromplanetZ [link] [comments] from 3D printing news via RSS


Best place to get spring steel from?

Working on a new print bed because I'm tired of putting painters tape on my Creality CR-10S every other day. I'm thinking of putting something like this on some spring plate with magnets so I can easily remove the bed when I'm done and flex my parts off. Want it to end up something like what Prusa uses for their …Continue reading →


DIY pellet extruder for use with a robot arm

submitted by /u/szczys [link] [comments] from 3D printing news via RSS


Battle Helmet file drop

submitted by /u/jeremyscats [link] [comments] from 3D printing news via RSS


Ender 3 poor layer line are really pronounced

submitted by /u/Pilpoh [link] [comments] from 3D printing news via RSS


SlantSpool reusable filament spool with 2 color FilaBlend filament.

submitted by /u/rocketboss [link] [comments] from 3D printing news via RSS


Tethon 3D launches High Alumina Tethonite ceramic powder for binder jetting 3D printing

Tethon 3D, Nebraska-based manufacturer of ceramic powders, binders, and other 3D printing services and supplies, announces the launch of High Alumina Tethonite, a high alumina ceramic powder for use in binder jetting additive manufacturing. via,


Under extrusion after first layer

My ANET A8 is under extruding after the first layer. I have levelled the bed and z axis, replaced the whole heat block assembly (nozzle, heat block and the metal tube the filament is inserted into) and I have ensure the gear wheel on the extruder motor is clear. On the software side of things i have read that it …Continue reading →


Lockheed Martin, Arconic collaborate on metal 3D printing and lightweight aerospace materials

Lockheed Martin and Arconic announced today a two-year Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to collaborate on the development of customized lightweight material systems and advanced manufacturing processes, such as metal 3D printing. via,


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