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News Roundup: Yissum develops 3D printed food, Henkel’s new 3D printing facility, First 3D printed skyscraper in Dubai, more

Here’s another round-up of what’s been happening recently in the world of 3D printing. Things you might have missed include Yissum announcing a new 3D printed food platform, Nuvasive adding to its portfolio of 3D printed implants, and more besides. via,


Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality headset helps Spanish doctors cut surgery time in half

Spanish medical tech company Exovite has joined forces with Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid. The collaboration has resulted Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets being used by surgeons via,


Metal 3D printer manufacturer BeAM increases capital by 1.6 million euros

French metal 3D printing startup BeAM has announced a 1.6 million euro increase in its capital thanks to a decision from its thirteen private shareholders. via,


3D printed Nintimdo RP is a Nintendo Switch replica that plays classic games

Tim Lindquist, an electrical engineering student at Iowa State University, has built a 3D printed Nintendo Switch with a Raspberry Pi computer. Unlike the real thing, the “Nintimdo RP” uses the RetroPie emulation platform, allowing gamers to play retro Nintendo games from years gone by. via,


Italian jewelry designer Paola Valentini wins Franceclat award for bracelet 3D printed from gold powder

Paola Valentini, an Italian jewelry designer based in Paris, has been awarded the top design prize for a 3D printed jewelry contest organized by the Comité Francéclat, a French committee for professionals in the jewelry making industry. Valentini received the distinction for a cuff bracelet 3D printed from rose gold. via,


FAAs 8-year Additive Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap lays groundwork for 3D printed aircraft development

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing a draft version of its Additive Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap. The document explains how the FAA can regulate and certify 3D printed aircraft parts over the next seven to eight years. via,


Virginia museum uses 3D printed tactile artefacts in touch tours for visually impaired

The Virginia Historical Society (VHS), a Richmond-based museum dedicated to Virginia’s history, has recently embraced 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to give their visually impaired visitors a more dynamic and thorough experience. via,


Archaeologists unearth ancient theatre of Thouria, in Messinia

Greek archaeologists have unearthed a major part of the ancient theatre of Thouria at the outskirts of Kalamata city in southern Greece, the country’s Culture Ministry announced on Thursday. Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture and SportsThe first remains of the theatre of the ancient city, which dates back to the 4th century BC, came to light during excavations in the …Continue reading →


‘Feast! Food at Stonehenge’ at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Elaborate cooking pots used by the builders of Stonehenge in special feasts and ceremonies, are just some of the items on display at a new English Heritage exhibition revealing the diet of the prehistoric community that built the ancient monument 4,500 years ago. A neolithic feast: some of the food that would have been eaten by the builders of Stonehenge  …Continue reading →


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