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3D printed reactionware brings us closer to print-at-home drugs

Researchers from Scotland’s University of Glasgow have devised a method for 3D printing interconnected reaction vessels that carry out separate chemical reactions. The 3D printed reactionware could be used to make print-at-home pharmaceuticals and chemicals. via,


Adidas joins Carbon’s board as its Futurecraft 4D shoe with 3D printed midsole drops

As 3D printing starts to make some serious waves in the retail industry, global sportswear giant Adidas has been one of the companies most eager to take advantage of its potential. Following on from the German manufacturer’s recent successful collaboration with 3D printing innovator Carbon via,


Melrose £7 billion takeover bid causes GKN shares to soar, metal powder business struggles to stabilize

GKN is in the headlines again this week, but not necessarily for the reasons the multinational automotive and aerospace company would have expected. Following a string of hard-hitting losses at GKN’s American aerospace plant, British investment and acquisition giant Melrose swooped in with an aggressive £7.4 billion takeover offer via,


Kasto unveils automated bandsaw machine for quick removal of 3D printed parts

Kasto, a German company specializing in sawing technologies, is aiming to streamline the industrial 3D printing process even more with its new KASTOwin amc bandsaw machine. The machine is designed to quickly and efficiently separate 3D printed parts from their build platforms using a bandsaw. via,


3D printing helps French aircraft maker Latécoère cut lead times by 95% and reduce costs by 40%

Latécoère, a French aircraft design and manufacturing group, has become the latest firm to join the Stratasys client base, and fully integrate 3D printing into its business model. Earlier today the company announced that it has begun deploying Stratasys’ FDM additive manufacturing throughout its design and production process via,


RUN2RAIL exploring 3D printing & carbon fiber composites for lighter, more comfortable trains

The University of Huddersfield in the UK has received £300,000 ($415K) in funding to support the development of lighter, more efficient, and more comfortable “rolling stock” for railway vehicles. The project will investigate the use of new materials via,


Sculptors use 3D printed skulls to reconstruct faces of unidentified US-Mexico border victims

Students at the New York Academy of Art have attempted to reconstruct the faces of eight unidentified men found dead on the US-Mexico border. The artists hope their reconstructions, made with clay using 3D printed replicas of the victims’ skulls, will help identify the victims. via,


Worlds first 3D printed toilets by Hamilton Labs could wipe out India’s sanitation problems

Singapore-based Hamilton Labs is developing 3D printable toilets to help improve poor sanitary conditions in India. The toilets, which will be made with Hamilton’s robotic HamilBot Mark 1 3D printer using a recycled cement mix, will be used in the Madhubani and Darbhanga districts in Bihar. via,


Seurat Technologies raises $13.5M to accelerate game-changing metal 3D printing technology

Seurat Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based startup, announces it has raised $13.5 million in a Series A funding round. The significant investment will reportedly be put towards funding and accelerating the company’s much-hyped metal additive manufacturing technology. via,


Swiss team pioneers compact low-power laser 3D printing technique, with potential for surgical use

A team of researchers in Switzerland have recently made a remarkable new breakthrough that could suggest a bright future for the field of 3D bio-printing. They developed a new endoscopic SLA technique, which makes use of an ultra-fine optical fiber to focus a laser beam via,


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