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Nanoscale 3D printing helps reveal how firefly-inspired surface can boost LED efficiency

Scientists from Penn State University have created a new type of light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulb that could change the way we light our homes. via,


GE Power unveils 1000-sq-ft 3D printing lab for Clemson University

GE opened a new Additive Manufacturing Lab at GE Power’s Advanced Manufacturing Works facility Wednesday. via,


New Stratasys J720 Dental 3D printer makes full color, multi-material parts in a single run

Stratasys has unveiled its new J720 Dental 3D printer. Leveraging more than 500,000 color combinations, the multi-material 3D printer is capable of producing high resolution, patient-specific models with precise accuracy – at 1.75x the daily throughput of high-end DLP and SLA dental 3D printers. via,


Philippine Department of Science and Technology opens Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Philippines' Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is set to unveil the country’s first Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMCen) which they plan to develop innovative 3D printing technologies, processes, and materials. via,


DEEPTIME unveils Ionic Sound System, 3D printed speakers made from sand

Deeptime Limited is a new loudspeaker manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. Following its introduction of the world’s first speakers 3D printed from a wooden composite, Deeptime has unveiled the first commercially available audio system made from sand. via,


EcoLogicStudio installs two 3D printed living sculptures exploring future forms of spatial intelligence

London-based architectural and their research partners, the urban design practice ecoLogicStudio has installed two 3D printed living sculptures exploring the future forms of spatial intelligence in the exhibition “La Fabrique du Vivant” (The Fabric of the living) at the Centre Pompidou in Paris between 20 February – 15 April 2019. via,


Researchers combine old-school logic gates with 3D printing to create sentient materials

Logic gates are the bricks and mortar of original computers capable of performing any kind of math calculations. via,


Scientist uses quantum dots and 3D printed fluorescence box to track pollen grains

Dr Corneile Minnaar, a pollination biologist from Stellenbosch University in South Africa has come up with a new idea of using quantum dots and 3D printed fluorescence box to track the fate of individual pollen grains. via,


Elzelinde van Doleweerd is 3D printing snacks from food waste

A young entrepreneur in the Netherlands is reducing food waste with 3D printed food. Nearly a third of all food produced around the world goes to waste, and yet people still go hungry. Causing much of this huge amount of waste are the obstacles of food preservation and freshness. via,


Procter & Gamble partners with Aether on 3D printing and artificial intelligence

Aether, the San Francisco biotechnology company behind the multi-tool Aether 1 3D bioprinter, announced the commencement of a two year joint development agreement with Procter & Gamble for the development of cutting edge 3D printing and AI technologies. via,


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