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Software for robot and machine programming and simulation.

A software to calculate and simulate movements of user defined machine based on paths of specified machine points and other conditions. – [currently £0 (0%) of £30,000 goal] via Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq,


Google and CyArk’s Open Heritage project recreates archaeological wonders using 3D technology

Google is teaming up with heritage company CyArk to launch the Open Heritage project. This is intended to give people access to some of the world's most important archaeological wonders, through images and data captured using advanced laser scanning and 3D technology. via,


Ballistix Tactical Tracer RAM kit lets modding gamers 3D print their own LED light bar

Ballistix, the gaming-oriented division of Micron Technology, has just released a new modifiable RAM kit. The Ballistix Tactical Tracer gaming RAM offers gamers the ability to 3D print their own light bar cover, with the design files being available for free online. via,


EnvisionTEC unveils worlds longest mega-chain 3D printed in its strongest material ever

EnvisionTEC, a 3D printing solutions company, launches today a groundbreaking new material, E-RigidForm. The company showcased it in a 328-foot 3D printed chain Friday morning at Cobo Center in downtown Detroit and is claiming the record for the world's longest single-piece chain using 3D printing technology. via,


Chinese surgeons create first-ever 3D printed facial implant for a child

A team of surgeons in China made use of 3D printing to produce a titanium jaw implant for a 10 year-old boy. The operation has now been declared a success, and this is the first time a child's face has been successfully reconstructed using the technology. via,


Xijing Hospital repairs long bone defect using Xian Particle Clouds 3D printed artificial bone

Surgeons at the Xijing Hospital in China have declared a bone operation that made use of FFP 3D printing technology to be a success. The technique was used by surgeons at the hospital to repair a long segment bone defect, using biodegradable artificial bone provided by Xi’an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. via,


Swinburne uses tiny BioSphere beads to grow stem cells for 3D bio-printed cartilage repair

A group of researchers at Australia's Swinburne University is developing a new 3D bio-printing method. Their BioSphere project makes use of thousands of tiny polymer beads in order to more efficiently grow stem cells, which will then be used to repair tissue using a handheld 'Bio-pen'. via,


BASF and Essentium create extra-strong 3D printed plastic/carbon fiber prosthetic leg

We reported last year on a major collaboration between chemicals giant BASF and 3D printing materials company Essentium, intended to develop a range of new materials solutions for 3D printing and other applications. A major breakthrough has recently been achieved by the partners, with Essentium’s subsidiary brand TriFusion Devices leveraging one of BASF’s advanced materials to develop an important new …Continue reading →


Windsor biologists 3D print robo-toads to help study real toads unusual mating ritual

A team of researchers at Canada's University of Windsor have 3D printed robotic toads to study unusual mating behaviour. The realistic replica toads are being placed amongst real ones to stimulate behaviour, in an effort to solve the mystery of brown toads in Costa Rica turning yellow for one day a year. via,


Shapeways raises $30 million to expand 3D printing marketplace

Shapeways, a New York-based 3D printing company, today announced $30M Series E led by Lux Capital. Other participants in this round include Union Square Ventures, INKEF Capital and Andreessen Horowitz all recommitting as earlier investors. via,–dollars-to-expand-3d-printing-marketplace.html


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