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Thales Alenia Space takes 3D printing into series production for satellites and spacecraft

We’ve reported before on 3D printing technology being used to make parts for satellites and other spacecraft, and this trend looks set to continue in the future, with Thales Alenia Space being one of the major companies leading the way. via,


NASA creates special copper alloy for 3D printing rocket parts

NASA researchers with the Glenn Research Center (GRC) and Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) teamed up to develop GRCop-42, a copper-based high strength alloy with high conductivity. Using powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing, NASA researchers successfully 3D printed near-fully-dense GRCop-42 components that are resistant to deformation and remain strong even at elevated temperatures. via,


Sushi Singularity to serve 3D printed sushi based on customer’s saliva and urine

Japanese company Open Meals is fusing science and sushi to create nutrient-rich foods that is tailored to each diner. By using “biological samples” including “saliva, urine, [and] stool,” via,


Strengthening the connection between layers of FDM 3D printed objects with z-anchors

We recently wrote about several projects that aim to increase the strength of 3D printed components. In November 2018, the “Father of RepRap,” Dr. Adrian Bowyer, demonstrated how hollow tubes could make 3D prints stronger. Later, Stefan Hermann at CNC Kitchen experimented with Smart Infill for stronger 3D prints. via,


Markforged raises $82M Series D from Summit Partners, Microsoft, Porsche and Siemens

Markforged, a Watertown, MA-based manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, closed an $82m Series D round of funding. via,


Digital Artisan, JSR and Castem create 3D printed Formless generative heels

Digital Artisan, a Japanese design lab has teamed up with chemicals company JSR Corporation, , Castem, a manufacturer of precision casting parts, to create “Generative Heel – Formless” high heel shoes using 3D printing technology. via,


Oudste astrolabium opgedoken uit scheepswrak

Oudste astrolabium opgedoken uit scheepswrak Daan Couwenbergh 19 maart 2019 Portugese archeologen hebben een oud astrolabium opgedoken. Het gaat om het oudste bekende astrolabium dat ooit gevonden is. Archeologen van de Universiteit van Warwick hebben de vondst gepubliceerd in het wetenschappelijke tijdschrift The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology én in het Guiness book of Records. Het astrolabium werd gevonden in …Continue reading →


Worlds largest 3D construction printer is coming to Saudi Arabia in 2019

Saudi Arabia's Elite for Construction & Development Company has purchased what has been described as the world's largest 3D construction printer from Danish firm Cobod International. via,


DTU and TU Delft develop stress adapted orthotropic infill for 3D printing

A team of researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has developed a new method for generating stress adapted orthotropic infill for 3D printing. via,


Gevonden Keltische muntschatten vertellen verhaal over genocide

Gevonden Keltische muntschatten vertellen verhaal over genocide Marc Mens 18 maart 2019 In het Zuid-Limburgse Sittard-Geleen zijn twee kleine Keltische muntschatten gevonden. Vanaf 15 maart 2019 zijn de munten voor het eerst te zien in het Limburgs Museum te Venlo. De archeologen die de vondsten hebben onderzocht, leggen een verband met Caesars genocide op de stam van de Eburonen, uit …Continue reading →


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