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£55 GENERICS custom 3D printed earphones launches on Kickstarter, 75% cheaper than rival products

GENERICS, a Lebanese startup backed by the UK government, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D printed earphone solution. Users take a smartphone video of their ears, upload it to the GENERICS app, and then receive a custom pair of 3D printed earphones fitted to their ears. via,


3D Printing News Roundup: Michelin 3D printed tire, Norsk Titanium investment, AquaRoot 3D printed pipes

In today’s 3D printing news roundup, there’s media recognition for Michelin’s 3D printed tire concept, a big investment in Norway’s Norsk Titanium, and an Irish cleantech company making biodegradable 3D printed irrigation systems. via,


SA architect Handre de la Rey 3D printed concrete sunglasses now commercially available

3D printing technology has enabled product designers in a variety of different fields to expand their horizons and re-imagine manufacturing possibilities, in terms of materials, shapes and many other factors. Fashion is one industry where 3D printing is starting to have a significant impact, particularly by enabling a range of cross-disciplinary influences via,


Four unmissable pieces of 3D printed jewelry and interior design

3D printing has transformed or is impacting many industries, from aerospace to healthcare. One of the main appeals of the technology within these fields is that it opens up the possibility of what forms and parts can be designed. via,


3D printed wind-up toys can be made automatically using new computational system

A new computational system allows toy lovers to automatically generate intricate mechanical components for wind-up 3D printed toys. The system has been developed by researchers at University of Science and Technology of China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and University College London. via,


A$347K grant to help University of Wollongong open state-of-the-art 3D bioprinting facility

Australia’s University of Wollongong has been given a A$347,000 ($262,358) grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC) to establish a 3D bioprinting facility. via,


Yeehaw Wand: new $99 AR tool for 3D printing lets designers sketch in thin air

Startup Yeehaw 3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its “Yeehaw Wand,” an augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing tool for 3D designers. Available from $99, the Yeehaw Wand is a kind of digital brush that can be used to “create or recreate anything.” via,


Dutch non-profit develops waterproof 3D printed VR headset to let disabled swim with dolphins

A Netherlands-based startup has made it possible to swim with the dolphins in VR. The non-profit, called The Dolphin Swim Club, is aiming to offer the same benefits as dolphin-assisted therapies—which are often used for people with disabilities—but without having to use real, captive dolphins. via,


SIMA the most friendly and accesible social robot for kids

With a robotic body we transform smartphones into social robots and use them as a tool for education. – [currently $0 (0%) of $7,000 goal] via Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq,


New ‘artificial selection’ research findings signal threat for marine environments

A new study by Monash biologists has provided fresh insights into the long-standing questions of why animals are of the size they are and what happens when we artificially induce a change in their size. Scanning electron microscopy of a single-celled green microalga Dunaliella tertiolecta  [Credit: Martino E. Malerba & Simon Crawford]Using a technique called ‘artificial selection’ the research team …Continue reading →


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