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Testing for 3D printed Curve Appeal house moves ahead, WATG plans to break ground in 2018

Architectural design firm WATG Chicago is moving ahead with its freeform 3D printed house project in partnership with Branch Technology. The companies recently confirmed that R&D and wall section testing for the 3D printed construction project are in progress and they are preparing to break ground on the house this year. via,


Mixing PDMS elastomers produces strong 3D printed parts with superior cell adhesion

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have successfully 3D printed shapes with complex geometries using a mix of PDMS elastomers, varieties of a common silicon-based organic polymer. The 3D printed PDMS registered a superior tensile strength to molded or cast PDMS. via,


UT Austin students 3D print custom six-string electric violin

Violinist Sean Riley needed a six-string violin to play a particular piece of music. Rather than spend thousands of dollars buying one, the innovative music student at the University of Texas decided to 3D print it. via,


Inverse-design and 3D printing combine to create groundbreaking metadevices

As our technology gets smarter, it also gets smaller. Lately, this trend can be seen across a whole range of systems, from smart cars to cellphones to desktop 3D printers. But what of the entire data-sharing system itself? A group of researchers at Northwestern University have begun to investigate this topic precisely, as seen in a new study published in …Continue reading →


Simplify3D publishes comprehensive guide to FDM 3D printing materials

3D printing software company Simplify3D has released a wealth of resources about 3D printing materials. The resources include guidance on selecting materials as well as tips for optimizing printing settings for a given 3D printing project. via,


New DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial boasts large-scale printing, pellet extrusion, insulated build chamber, more

Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP has unveiled details about one of its latest product: the DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial. The 3D printer, an “industrial” version of the company’s large-scale DeltaWASP 3MT machine, is capable of additively manufacturing parts up to nearly one cubic meter in size. via,


Sinterit & designer Bartlomiej Gaczorek 3D print anti-pollution mask just for kids

3D designer Bartlomiej Gaczorek has teamed up with Polish 3D printer company Sinterit to design and 3D print anti-pollution masks for children. The masks, named “brifo,” are intended to protect children from breathing in pollution in big cities or while exposed to activities like painting or polishing. via,


Study shows how 3D printed titanium-mesh implants can be optimized for better bone regeneration

A collaborative research team from Harvard’s Wyss Institute, the Julius Wolff Institute, the Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies, and Charité’s Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery has come together to study the benefits of 3D printed titanium-mesh scaffolds in implants. via,


Bugatti develops world’s largest 3D printed titanium Brake Caliper, just 6.4 pounds

As 3D printing in the automotive industry gradually makes the move from rapid prototyping applications to final phase production, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S is the latest company to take advantage of what the technology has to offer. The French luxury manufacturer, a subsidiary of Volkswagen via,


3D printing helps scientists recreate face of Neolithic girl who lived 9,000 years ago

An interdisciplinary team of medical and archeological specialists recently collaborated to reconstruct the face of a teenage girl who lived roughly 9,000 years ago. The reconstruction, which relied on 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, suggests that teens from the period looked quite different to teenagers nowadays. via,


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